Villa Dia - Live Luxury the Mediterranean Lifestyle in Ibiza

Villa - Roca Llisa


6 Guests
3 bedrooms
6 bathrooms
350 m2
We relate divine to something extraordinary, captivating, or magical. How do we make sure this is divinity? Focus on the emotions you feel when you are experiencing something that really draws your attention. What if you give it a try with our Villa Dia?
Just like its name, Villa Dia is dreamy and more than perfect. Vivid details are all over the house, such as color combinations, location, design, decoration, and so on. Located in Roca Llisa, one of the best private communities, it has 3 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms in a total space of 350 m2. A panoramic view is what makes the villa complete.
First of all, a large open-plan social area is located on the ground floor. It's perfect for your private evening parties, barbecue, or even a pool party or game activities. Entertaining yourself is so essential while on holiday. Apart from being divine, our villa has an amazing relaxing area, overlooking the sea and the gorgeous island of Formentera. Wouldn't you call this place a paradise?
Talking about style and design, our living room is without doubt one of the best areas. Orange, brown, white, and some other dark color co-exist together impressively. It looks like those fancy houses we are used to seeing on social media, except you are enjoying it in person. Paintings hanging on the wall, books placed carefully on a table behind the sofa, a wooden coffee table in the center of the room, big windows and doors to let the light in all together create a gorgeous comfort zone. In case you fancy reading, there's another corner with books at your disposal.
The kitchen is also fully equipped, bright, and ready to make you feel like a chef while cooking.
On the other hand, our bedrooms are jaw-dropping. Comfortable, fancy, luxury and so eye-pleasing might give you that quality sleep after a tiring day. Wake up, take a dip, eat, drink and repeat, this is what Ibiza is made for. The bathrooms are also located on the second floor, nicely styled and arranged.
Dinner never tasted better than in front of a spectacular sunset, seeing the island of Formentera from far, breathing that salty air, and e joying the breezy wind caressing the trees while waiting for another day to enjoy in Ibiza.

*Its corresponding registration number is 201600985 and it offers the possibility of lodging in 3 comfortable rooms.*

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Check-in: 17:00
Check-out: 11:00



Check-in: 17:00

Check-out: 11:00

Standard occupancy: 6

Max occupancy: 6


Internet access
Air conditioning
Full kitchen
Private pool
Wireless internet connection
Coffee/tea maker
Baby cot
High chair
Ocean view
Plates and bowls
Private bathroom
Private pool
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